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Stabilize and Slide

We'll help you take your camera straight to the action with the right gear.

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Sliders, Gliders and Stabilizers
Sliders, Gliders and Stabilizers ››
As cameras get smaller, we find we need to pay more attention to keeping them steady. Are sliders and gliders the next step from a tripod? Learn more when you read Sliders, Gliders and Stabilizers.

Best Practices for Using a Tripod to Stabilize Your Shots
Best Practices for Tripod Stabilization ››
How to set-up a tripod to capture professional level video. Learn the step-by-step process for setting up and stabilizing your tripod. Learn more when you watch Best Practices for Using a Tripod to Stabilize Your Shots.

Strengthen Your Shot-making Abilities
Featured Product
The Camera Movement and Composition Webinar will show you camera moves as well as tried and true techniques to compose shots. Ask your questions and you might see your solution demonstrated. Including:
• Organization
• Composition
• Dramatic Angles and Framing, and more

Learn More ››

Aviator Rocket Camera Slider Review
Aviator Rocket Camera Slider Review ››
The Aviator Rocket Slider is a high quality, innovative camera slider system that allows you to choose the lengths of your slider rails and remain portable. Learn more when you read Aviator Rocket Camera Slider Review.

Learn How to Electrify Your Action Video
Learn How to Electrify Your Action Video ››
We take a look at the action genre. Learn the steps to creating your very own action video as we examine how to shoot it, edit it and stylize it. Learn more when you watch Learn How to Electrify Your Action Video.

Upcoming Webinars
Join associate editor Greg Olson as he delves deeper into the glory that is the fine art of video production!
Camera Movement & Composition Nov. 12, 2014 Post-production Workflow Dec. 10, 2014

Upcoming Workshops
Get the EARLY BIRD rate on Videomaker's informative December workshops for face-to-face, hands-on training.
The Basics of Video Production Dec. 12-14, 2014
Intensive Lighting Dec. 12-14, 2014

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Learn Essential Creative Skills with New Training in Maya, 3ds Max, After Effects + More

Simulating a Dry Ice Effect in Maya
Develop Enchanting Visual Effects

Stop trying to catch up with your creative skills. Stay ahead of the competition by learning professional tips and workflows from the industry's best training source.

Automotive Modeling in 3ds Max

Designing Promotional Artwork for Video Games

Creating a 3D Time Warp Effect in Maya and After Effects

Deep Compositing an Alien Invasion in NUKE and Arnold
Digitally Painting Forest Concepts in Photoshop

Designing a Single Page Product Website in Photoshop and HTML

Designing a Windmill Tower from Photo Reference in SolidWorks

Referencing Nature for Unique Creature Creation in ZBrush

Your First Day in boujou

Designing Mobile Games with a Game Design Document

Creating a UI/UX Motion Study in
After Effects

Creating a Sci-Fi Gun in Blender

Creating a Detailed Dress in Marvelous Designer

Integrating Motion Graphics with Live-Action Footage in CINEMA 4D and After Effects

Exploring Layer Effects and Styles in Photoshop
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Pluralsight Highlight: Making Games With Hopscotch

Your kids are already playing games on computers, tablets, phones and other devices. Teach them to make their own games and develop programming skills in a fun and interactive way by using the Hopscotch iOS app.

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