BlenderNation - Create Realistic Barrels Image: Perfection Developer Meeting Notes: July 20, 2014 Image: Chain Drive Fancy Feet Minecraft Blender Rig - Free Download


Posted: 21 Jul 2014 04:30 AM PDT
Kenan Proffitt's teaches how to model and texture a simple barrel model in this tutorial for beginners. In this Blender tutorial, master the basics of uv unwrapping, materials in cycles, and the node editor. Learn how to quickly model and texture a barrel inside of Blender. First Texture Second Texture  
Posted: 21 Jul 2014 01:10 AM PDT
Reynante Martinez captured his favorite personal tool in this image. Inspired by the great thinkers of all time, by the hardworking individuals, and by the art of creating itself. I've been meaning to recreate one of my most functional personal tools for as long as I can remember and one day there came this spur [...]
Posted: 20 Jul 2014 10:00 PM PDT
The Google Summer of Code draws to an end, one of the projects sure is good news for Game Engine lovers: over 130 bugs have been solved! 1) Projects for upcoming 2.72 release Reminder of the planning. FBX: most of this is in master now, only animation import will be added still. Cycles render for [...]
Posted: 20 Jul 2014 11:20 AM PDT
By derGoldstein This was inspired by the very elaborate Ducati rear sprockets, though it isn't modeled after any specific version of them.
Posted: 20 Jul 2014 07:16 AM PDT
Would you like to create your own Minecraft animations in Blender? Then start with this free rig by TheDuckCow. While there may be enough Steve's in the world already, this rig is much friendlier to use and customize, and has several minor parts improved upon the previous characters I released, and now includes the very [...]

Directing Great Performances

Learn how to prepare and direct your actors to get great performances. Plus, the Sony DSC-QX100 Camera.

Sony DSC-QX100 Camera Reviewed
Sony DSC-QX100 Camera ››
With its large sensor, small size, 1080p shooting capabilities and wireless transfer, the Sony QX100 is a great device for social media users who want prosumer optics. Learn more when you read Sony DSC-QX100 Camera Reviewed.

How to Get Good Performances from Actors
Directing Great Performances ››
A key factor in telling your story is the performance of the actors. Discover how to prepare your actors and then direct them during the shoot. Learn more when you watch How to Get Good Performances from Actors.

All the Forms You Need to Complete Your Video
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The Videomaker Complete Book of Forms is an important first step to making your vision a reality. These 92 forms present you with the right questions ahead of time so you can plan for success. There are hundreds of details that need consideration when making a video. By utilizing these forms, you can make the best choices and avoid problems before they arise. When involving other people in your video project, this becomes an essential tool for communication. If you have other people investing time or money in your project, the use of these forms will boost their confidence in you as a professional.
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BlenderNation - BEER design overview Video: BedtimeMonster Laser blaster 5000X


Posted: 20 Jul 2014 02:00 AM PDT
What is the Blender Extended Expressive Rendering system? Read this extensive overview on the BlenderNPR blog. Blender Extended Expressive Rendering or BEER is a shader system specially designed to be able to produce limitless shader styles. Though its main purpose is to handle non-photorealistic (NPR) shader styles, BEER can produce photo-realistic (PR) styles too (classic [...]
Posted: 19 Jul 2014 10:00 PM PDT
Excellent character animation and rendering by Petrosfera. Music video for my short track "Bedtime Monster" Check it out on SoundCloud. If you want to keep updated follow me on Facebook. Hope you guy like it ^^ Oh, and the software used was blender (of course), after effects and reaper (for the track).
Posted: 19 Jul 2014 08:30 AM PDT
By Druyanizm. The "Laser blaster 5000X - for the seriouse future man.The idea was to create a cartoon gun with a very realistic feel to it. Check out the thread on BlenderArtists for more versions, including one for wife/girlfriend and awesome 50's style blueprints.

New Articles, Tips and Mastering Terminology

July 19, 2014
Web Version
Start Mastering VFX Terminology: Compositing

Learning VFX terminology has never been easier with our new "Mastering VFX Terminology" series. The first volume breaks down the concept of compositing and explains how images are brought together.

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Using UVs for More Than Just Texturing

Most 3D modelers are accustomed to using UV for just painting textures or baking maps. Discover how this technique can also save you time and give detail to your sculpting patterns. Read more »

Key Terms for Your Web Design Vocab.

There's important terminology that every aspiring web designer needs to know in order to be successful. HTML, UI, UX and many more terms are broken down and explained in this helpful guide to web design. Read more »

Become More Flexible in Your Workflow By Using DynaMesh

ZBrush's DynaMesh tool removes many modeling restrictions allowing for flexibility. Read more »

Avoid These 10 Common
Web Design Mistakes

Make your websites more user friendly by avoiding these mistakes.

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The Results Are in for June's Members Contest

See the winning entry for June's contest and read the interview with the artist.

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Discover What Could Be Keeping You From Finishing Your Projects

Many artists have a project or two that they've started and never finished for one reason or another. We discuss five common reasons why artists never finish a project.

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The Importance of Proper Ergonomics for Creatives

How are you sitting right now? Are you hunched over or are you sitting up straight with your back against the chair? These are important details to remember as they could have long-lasting affects on your body. Read more »

3ds Max vs. Maya: Which One Should You Use?

If you're a 3D artist you're probably aware of the 3ds Max vs. Maya debate. We dive into this question so you can decide for yourself which is best. Read more »

Be Productive for Life by Learning Six Habits Now

Develop new personal habits that will make you a more successful artist in the long run. Read more »

Keep Costs to a Minimum
When Building a Home
Render Farm

Find out how to make a high-powered home render farm without breaking the bank. Read more »

The Many Layers of Animation

Discover the many benefits of using layers when animating. Read more »
Disney Releases New Trailer for
"Big Hero Six"

The trailer for Disney Animation Studio's "Big Hero Six" highlights the movie's comedy rather than its action. The movie is the studio's first adaptation of a Marvel series since Disney acquired it back in 2009.

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Autodesk and Digital-Tutors Team Up to Host Free Maya LT Webinar

Digital-Tutors lead modeling instructor, Justin Marshall will be giving a live webinar over Maya LT and the Indie Game Development Pipeline. Register for the latest Autodesk Meet the Experts webinar series. Read more »

2022 World Cup Stadium Renderings Released

Even though the World Cup in Rio just ended, preparation for the 2022 tournament in Qatar is already underway. Artist renderings for the nine proposed soccer stadiums highlight what's to come. Read more »
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