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February 28, 2015
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It's 2015 and we've launched our 2,015th course. Celebrate with us and save on Annual and Monthly subscriptions for a limited time.

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Create a Bow in Blender

Improve your Blender modeling workflow by learning step-by-step how to create a bow and pick up helpful tips along the way.
11 Photoshop Hotkeys

Don't be held back by your mouse when working in Photoshop. Learn and apply these 11 hotkeys and speed up your Photoshop workflow.
Understand the Basics of Bifrost

Bifrost is an impressive and robust application in Maya. Become familiar with the basics of it and be on your way to creating awesome fluid simulations.

Image Tags vs. Figure Tags in HTML5

Know the difference between these commonly confused tags.

Interview with VFX Instructor Xuan Prada

Get to know VFX instructor Xuan Prada and pick up industry tips and insight.

Game Reviews by Game Artists: Loot Hunter

See what our in-house game artists had to say about the pirate game, Loot Hunter.
Use These 5 Tips for a Happier Work Life

You spend most of your life at work. Why not make the most of it and be happy in your career. Stop doing these five things and live a happier, healthier work life.
2015 Oscar Winners Announced

See who the big winners were in the animation and technical categories.
Tips for Generating Ideas for Your Next Project

Mental roadblocks commonly occur during the creative brainstorming process. Use these tips to get past the blocks and to help come up with your next great idea!

Streamline Your 3ds Max Workflow

Shortcuts and modifier sets are just a couple ways to speed up your workflow. Learn more!

CINEMA 4D vs. 3ds Max for Motion Graphics

Compare the two and decide which one you should use for your next motion graphics project.

Boost Your Creativity

Use these easy tips to re-vamp your creative spirit.
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BlenderNation - Short Film: Sally Game Engine: Detect If your Player Is Under a Object Wiley & Russell Mfg. Co. - 1897 Embed interactive Blender models on Facebook with Sketchfab


Posted: 28 Feb 2015 03:50 AM PST
Dominic presents his graduation work! Dominic writes: This Shortfilm named "Sally" is my graduation work. Its about the shy student Eugene, who fell in love with a prostitute named Sally. It took me two years to make this short film. It actually even took two more years. I knew before I started my studies that I wanted [...]
Posted: 28 Feb 2015 01:45 AM PST
John hamilton writes: Learn how to set up a way to detect if your player is under a object or not this would be great for things like have a sound for outside then a sound for indoors
Posted: 28 Feb 2015 12:00 AM PST
A volunteer-run museum in Massachusetts used Blender to document the history of the Wiley & Russell Manufacturing Company. Chris Clawson writes: We are a small, volunteer staffed museum, in Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA. We'd like to share how we were able to use Blender in telling our story of local industrial history. The Wiley & Russell Manufacturing Company [...]
Posted: 27 Feb 2015 04:32 AM PST
Facebook has added Sketchfab media integration. Just add a link to a Sketchfab model to your post and they'll replace it with a WebGL viewer! Give it a try and share your posts in a comment. Post by Bart Veldhuizen.

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incompetech - Ghost Hunter™ Incoming Text Sound Kerbal Space Program


Posted: 27 Feb 2015 08:42 AM PST
Here is another piece of music that won’t make it into the main catalog. It is published under the Creative Commons: By Attribution license, just like everything else, so feel free to download it from Soundcloud and use however you like!

There are 4 versions available: Fast and slow, with and without the “ghost”.
The one above is the faster version with the ghost in it.
Posted: 27 Feb 2015 08:11 AM PST
Someone is texting you – why not be amused at the same time! :-)
This is a snipped from an episode of “The Crack” from Element Animation, and it works really well as a notification sound for your phone. Try it! Get it! It is free!

Download the rintone for iPhones here! (You may have to right click and Save As… or use an external app like iDownloader+ to get the file)
If you don’t have an iPhone, you can download the piece in WAV format from SoundCloud.
Posted: 26 Feb 2015 04:23 PM PST
If you’re a space flight simulation kind of person AND an incompetech reader, you may have noticed the soundtrack from Kerbal Space Program uses music from here!
I collected it all in one zip file for those who want the thrill of the Vehicle Assembly Building when you’re away from the game!

Check it out!