BlenderNation - Designing and prototyping Gnome 3.14 with Blender Simple Clay Rendering Setup Weekend Contest: Airborne Mobile Blender


Posted: 19 Sep 2014 11:30 PM PDT
In this 'behind the scenes' video we see a bit of the design process of the upcoming Gnome version, and a large part was done in Blender. Perhaps the most surprising part is that they're using Blender for prototyping too.
Posted: 19 Sep 2014 04:47 PM PDT
Eugen Fetsch shares a quick tip on setting up clay rendering. A short Quick Tip about how to setup a Clay Rendering in less then 2,5 minutes with Blender 2.68 or higher.
Posted: 19 Sep 2014 09:00 AM PDT
Last weekend's Marvin contest was awesome, and now we're getting back in the groove with regular challenges! Thomas Norstrøm was our last regular winner with Sixth Sense Billionaire, and he picked our next topic: Airborne. (Image: The Baron's Hangar, by JDaniels) Thomas writes: May I suggest "Airborne" as the theme for next contest? Most movable [...]
Posted: 19 Sep 2014 07:10 AM PDT
By Jefferson Davis. I started out in the 3D world with Maya, but due to a job change, I no longer had any 3D programs (that I could afford) at my fingertips. I discovered Blender, and now I am totally hooked. This is my tribute to Blender, a great program and community! I modeled and [...]

Discover Industry News & Helpful Tips from Creative Professionals

September 21, 2014
Web Version
What is HTML?

If you're new or wanting to get started in web design, then you've most likely heard of HTML. However, you may not know exactly what it is. No worries, as we've got you covered with this break down and explanation of Hyper Text Markup Language.

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Our Game Artists Review Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition

Find out what our team of in-house game artists has to say about the latest installment of the popular Diablo game franchise. Read more »

Use Polygroups to Enhance Your ZBrush Workflow

Sometimes 3D artists overlook the Polygroup feature in ZBrush. Discover how to effectively use this tool and be more efficient. Read more »

Look for Inspiration in Your Favorite Video Game

If you're a gamer, the creative inspiration you're looking for may be closer than you think. Read more »

What is CSS?

Get a definitive answer to the common question, "What is CSS?" Read more »

Static vs. Dynamic Websites

Find out the difference between these two types of sites. Read more »
Tips to Remember When Learning Blender

With the recent release of new blender training, we wanted to revisit some helpful tips on learning this popular 3D application. Use these guidelines to put you ahead of the learning curve.

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Sculpting Showdown: Which Software Should You Use?

ZBrush and Mudbox are both excellent sculpting applications. Compare and contrast the two and decide for yourself which one you should use for your next project. Read more »

Blurred Lines: The Cinematography of Filming & Gaming

As technology advances, game developers are looking to film cinematographers to add movie-quality cinematics to their games. Read more »

What Does Yoda Have to Say about Web Design?

Pick up helpful web design tips and be on your way to becoming a "Web Jedi Master!" Read more »

Is your Demo Reel or Portfolio Ready?

Use these tips from industry professionals to polish off your demo reel or portfolio.
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Photoshop vs. After Effects

Discover the differences between these two design applications and decide which you should use. Read more »
Microsoft Acquires Minecraft Developer

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it had acquired the developer of the popular game, Minecraft, for approximately $2.5 billion. Find out what execs at both companies had to say about the merger.

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Interview with Voice Artists

Take a behind-the-scenes look into the voice acting of Focus Features' up-and-coming film, The Boxtrolls. Read more »

Maxwell Explains GPU Prototype

Read a DT-exclusive interview with Maxwell's Head of Render Technology. Read more »

Friday Freebie: Create a Hard Surface Futuristic Soldier in ZBrush

Take advantage of exclusive FREE ZBrush training this weekend! Read more »

Blackmagic Announces Acquisition of eyeon

Earlier this week, Blackmagic announced its acquisition of the compositing and VFX software company.
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2D Artist, Jordan Scott, Releases Short Video

The 2D film, "Butter Fingers," features the common problem of clumsiness. Read more »
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Grasping the special tools to edit video is an essential skill for any video producer.

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Getting better requires some essential skills. Take these big steps to up your game and work some magic. Your viewers won't know how easy it was, but they'll notice the production value jump. Gain confidence in adding motion graphics and style to your videos when you Unlock the Tools for Post Production Magic.
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The Essentials of Post Production Magic

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Faking Slow Motion
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Using Loop Expressions
Turn Day into Night

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